Born in Portugal, Sara de Jesus Bento grew up between her adopted country France and Portugal where child she spent her summers.

It is in this cultural environment that her curiosity towards art and design has been enriched, as well as her taste and practice for image and photography. After studying at the Beaux-Arts in Le Mans, she goes to the Arts Décoratifs of Paris, where she gets her master in photo and video after an exchange to the University of Art and Design of Helsinki.

Between her comercial and visual arts projects, Sara develops her work around rituals, human and spatial encounters seeking to create an intimate and poetic relationship with her subject, to question our gaze and our relationship with the world.

In the summer time of 2017 she participated to the Cartes Residency in Juazeiro of Bahia. She also took part in the AltoFest Residency 2015 in Naples, Italy and in the Conviver na Arte of the Robinson Foundation in Portalegre, Portugal (2014). Her work has been shown at galleries and festivals in Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Los-Angeles, Lisbon, Italy, Helsinki, Bogota, Juazeiro.


2017 Cartes Residency, Bahia, Br
2015 Alto Fest, Naples, It
2014 Conviver na Arte, Fundação Robinson, Portalegre, Pt

2018 Vestígios, Group Show at Bangbang Gallery, Lisbon, Pt
2017 O Fruto de Espinho, Solo show at Centro de Cultura João Gilberto, Juazeiro, Ba, Br
2016 Detail, Group Show at Festival Paratissima, Lisbon, Pt
2016 Em linha, Group Show at Galerie Bangbang, Lisbon, Pt
2015 In-contro, Solo Show at Alto-Fest International Contemporary Live arts, Naples, It
2014 Latitude at Scopio editorial layout
2012 The hunting down song, Solo and Group show at Grands Projets, Ensad, Paris, Fr
2010 Luontoni!, Group show at Helsinki, Fi

2017 Los Angeles CineFest, Usa
2016 15th Concorto Film Festival, Pontenure, It
2015 XVII Napolitan Film Festival, Film festival at Naples, It
2013 Film Festival Salon de la Luz Volume IV, Bogotá, Co
2012 Festival Traces de Vies, Clermont-Ferrand, Fr

2011 The snow is the sand of the North with Maiju and Sibiri Konaté, Mamuska Festival, Helsinki, Fi
2008-2011 Place carrée with ANGA (Research Laboratory of music and contemporary dance)
in collaboration with EDDIE 135 musicians on the Théâtre du Lierre, Handi’danse Festival,
Artistes en Résidences, Ici et Demain, Paris, Fr


Le Monde Diplomatique pt
Olhar de Fotógrafos, Fundação Robinson
Catalogue des diplômés 2012 de l´Ensad